August 10 All Events

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August 10th, 2007 (August 10 2007)DeathJames E. Faust, Second Councelor of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (born in 1920) Jesus Christ Quotes
August 10th, 2007 (August 10 2007)DeathTony Wilson, British music personality and broadcaster (born in 1950)
August 10th, 2007 (August 10 2007)DeathHenry Cabot Lodge Bohler, American member of Tuskegee Airmen and civil rights activist (born in 1925)Henry Cabot Lodge Quotes
August 10th, 2006 (August 10 2006)EventScotland Yard disrupts major terrorist plot to destroy aircraft travelling from the United Kingdom to the United States. All toiletries are banned from commercial airplanes.
August 10th, 2003 (August 10 2003)EventThe highest temperature ever is recorded in the UK, 38.5C (101.3F), occurs in Kent [1]. It is the first time the UK has recorded a temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
August 10th, 2003 (August 10 2003)EventYuri Ivanovich Malenchenko becomes the first person to marry in space.
August 10th, 2003 (August 10 2003)DeathCarmita Jimenez, Puerto Rican singer
August 10th, 2002 (August 10 2002)DeathMichael Houser, American guitarist (Widespread Panic) (born in 1962)
August 10th, 2002 (August 10 2002)DeathKristen Nygaard, Norwegian computer scientist (born in 1926)
August 10th, 2001 (August 10 2001)DeathLou Boudreau, American baseball player and manager (born in 1917)
August 10th, 2000 (August 10 2000)EventWorld Population reaches 6 billion according to world population tracker.
August 10th, 1999 (August 10 1999)DeathPadma Bhushan Acharya Baldev Upadhyaya, Eminent Sanskrit Scholar in India (born in 1899)
August 10th, 1998 (August 10 1998)EventThe Royal Proclamation of HRH Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah as the Crown Prince of Brunei.
August 10th, 1997 (August 10 1997)DeathConlon Nancarrow, American composer (born in 1912)
August 10th, 1997 (August 10 1997)DeathJean-Claude Lauzon, Quebec film director (born in 1953)
August 10th, 1995 (August 10 1995)EventOklahoma City bombing: Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols are indicted for the bombing. Michael Fortier pleads guilty in a plea-bargain agreement for his testimony.
August 10th, 1995 (August 10 1995)EventLos Angeles Dodgers are forced to forfeit against the St. Louis Cardinals after fans throw souvenir baseballs on to the field en masse.
August 10th, 1993 (August 10 1993)EventAn earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale hit the South Island of New Zealand.
August 10th, 1993 (August 10 1993)DeathOystein Aarseth, Norwegian musician (Mayhem) (born in 1968)
August 10th, 1992 (August 10 1992)BirthKo Ah-seong, South Korean actress
August 10th, 1990 (August 10 1990)EventThe Magellan space probe reaches Venus.
August 10th, 1990 (August 10 1990)EventThe Massacre of more than 127 Muslims in the North East Sri Lanka by the paramilitaries.
August 10th, 1989 (August 10 1989)BirthBen Sahar, Israeli footballer
August 10th, 1989 (August 10 1989)BirthSam Gagner, Canadian ice hockey player
August 10th, 1988 (August 10 1988)EventJapanese American Internment: US President Ronald Reagan signs the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, providing $20,000 payments to Japanese-Americans who were either interned or relocated by in the United States during World War II.Ronald Reagan Quotes
August 10th, 1985 (August 10 1985)BirthRoy O Donovan, Irish footballer
August 10th, 1984 (August 10 1984)BirthMariel Rodriguez, Filipino TV host
August 10th, 1983 (August 10 1983)BirthAlexander Perezhogin, Russian ice hockey player
August 10th, 1983 (August 10 1983)BirthMathieu Roy, Canadian ice hockey player
August 10th, 1982 (August 10 1982)BirthDevon Aoki, American supermodel and actress Devo Quotes
August 10th, 1981 (August 10 1981)EventThe head of John Walsh s son Adam is found in Hollywood, Florida. This event will later prompt the U.S. Congress to pass the Missing Children s Act to give the Federal Bureau of Investigation greater authority to track the disappearance of children, as well as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. It also makes Walsh a national spokesman against crime and eventually leads to the establishment of America s Most Wanted.
August 10th, 1981 (August 10 1981)BirthNatsumi Abe, Japanese singer
August 10th, 1981 (August 10 1981)BirthDimitris Salpigidis, Greek footballer
August 10th, 1980 (August 10 1980)BirthKaysar Ridha, Iraqi-American reality TV contestant
August 10th, 1980 (August 10 1980)DeathYahya Khan, President of Pakistan (born in 1917)
August 10th, 1979 (August 10 1979)BirthYannick Schroeder, French racing driver Yanni Quotes
August 10th, 1979 (August 10 1979)BirthJoanna Garcia, Cuban actress
August 10th, 1979 (August 10 1979)BirthTed Geoghegan, American filmmaker and author
August 10th, 1979 (August 10 1979)DeathWalter Gerlach, German physicist (born in 1889)
August 10th, 1979 (August 10 1979)DeathDick Foran, American actor (born in 1910)
August 10th, 1978 (August 10 1978)BirthDaniel Allsopp, Australian footballer
August 10th, 1978 (August 10 1978)BirthChris Read, English cricketer
August 10th, 1978 (August 10 1978)BirthClaire Yiu, Hong Kong actress
August 10th, 1977 (August 10 1977)EventIn Yonkers, New York, 24-year-old postal employee David Berkowitz ("Son of Sam") is arrested for a series of killings in the New York City area over a year s period.
August 10th, 1977 (August 10 1977)BirthDanny Griffin, Northern Irish footballer
August 10th, 1977 (August 10 1977)BirthAaron Kamin, American musician (The Calling)
August 10th, 1977 (August 10 1977)BirthMatt Morgan, British comedian
August 10th, 1976 (August 10 1976)BirthMichael Depoli, American wrestler
August 10th, 1974 (August 10 1974)BirthDavid Sommeil, French footballer
August 10th, 1974 (August 10 1974)BirthLuis Marin, Costa Rican footballer
August 10th, 1973 (August 10 1973)BirthLisa Raymond, American tennis player
August 10th, 1973 (August 10 1973)BirthJavier Zanetti, Argentinian footballer
August 10th, 1972 (August 10 1972)BirthLawrence Dallaglio, English rugby union footballer
August 10th, 1972 (August 10 1972)BirthAngie Harmon, American model and actress
August 10th, 1972 (August 10 1972)BirthChristofer Johnsson, Swedish musician
August 10th, 1971 (August 10 1971)EventThe Society for American Baseball Research is founded in Cooperstown, New York.
August 10th, 1971 (August 10 1971)BirthRoy Keane, Irish footballer
August 10th, 1971 (August 10 1971)BirthMario Cesar Kindelan Mesa, Cuban boxer
August 10th, 1971 (August 10 1971)BirthJustin Theroux, American actor
August 10th, 1971 (August 10 1971)BirthSal Fasano, American baseball player
August 10th, 1971 (August 10 1971)BirthKevin Randleman, American mixed martial artist Martial Quotes
August 10th, 1971 (August 10 1971)BirthStephan Groth, Norwegian musician
August 10th, 1970 (August 10 1970)BirthBret Hedican, American ice hockey player
August 10th, 1970 (August 10 1970)BirthJeff Mangum, American musician
August 10th, 1970 (August 10 1970)BirthSteve Mautone, Australian footballer
August 10th, 1969 (August 10 1969)EventA day after murdering Sharon Tate and four others, members of Charles Manson s cult kill Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.Sharon Tate Quotes
August 10th, 1969 (August 10 1969)DeathLeno LaBianca, American businessman (murdered) (born in 1925)
August 10th, 1969 (August 10 1969)DeathRosemary LaBianca, American housewife (murdered) (born in 1930)
August 10th, 1968 (August 10 1968)BirthMichael Bivins, American singer (New Edition & Bell Biv DeVoe) Devo Quotes
August 10th, 1968 (August 10 1968)BirthGreg Hawgood, Canadian ice hockey player
August 10th, 1968 (August 10 1968)BirthPeter Docter, American film director
August 10th, 1967 (August 10 1967)BirthPhilippe Albert, Belgian former footballer
August 10th, 1967 (August 10 1967)BirthRiddick Bowe, American boxer
August 10th, 1967 (August 10 1967)BirthMart Sander, Estonian singer and actor
August 10th, 1967 (August 10 1967)BirthLorraine Pearson, former singer and author Five Star
August 10th, 1966 (August 10 1966)BirthHansi Kursch, German singer
August 10th, 1965 (August 10 1965)BirthClaudia Christian, American actress
August 10th, 1965 (August 10 1965)BirthMike E. Smith, American jockey
August 10th, 1965 (August 10 1965)BirthJohn Starks, American basketball player
August 10th, 1963 (August 10 1963)BirthAndrew Sullivan, English-born journalistAndrew Sullivan Quotes
August 10th, 1963 (August 10 1963)DeathEstes Kefauver, American politician, United States Congressman & Senator from Tennessee (born in 1903)
August 10th, 1963 (August 10 1963)DeathErnst Wetter, member of the Swiss Federal Council (born in 1877)
August 10th, 1961 (August 10 1961)BirthJon Farriss, Australian musician (INXS)
August 10th, 1960 (August 10 1960)BirthAntonio Banderas, Spanish actor
August 10th, 1960 (August 10 1960)BirthNicoletta Braschi, Italian actress
August 10th, 1960 (August 10 1960)BirthTodd David Hess, First USAF Member to receive Military Medical Merit.
August 10th, 1960 (August 10 1960)BirthKenny Perry, American golfer
August 10th, 1959 (August 10 1959)BirthRosanna Arquette, American actress
August 10th, 1959 (August 10 1959)BirthFlorent Vollant, Innu-Canadian musician (Kashtin)
August 10th, 1958 (August 10 1958)DeathFrank Demaree, baseball player (born in 1910)
August 10th, 1956 (August 10 1956)BirthFred Ottman, American wrestler
August 10th, 1956 (August 10 1956)BirthCharlie Peacock, American record producer, singer-songwriter
August 10th, 1954 (August 10 1954)EventAt Massena, New York, the groundbreaking ceremony for the St. Lawrence Seaway is held.
August 10th, 1953 (August 10 1953)BirthMark Doty, American poet and prose writer
August 10th, 1952 (August 10 1952)BirthDaniel Hugh Kelly, American actor
August 10th, 1950 (August 10 1950)BirthRemy Girard, Canadian actor
August 10th, 1949 (August 10 1949)EventUS President Harry S. Truman signs the National Security Act Amendment, streamlining the defense agencies of the United States government, and replacing the National Military Establishment with the United States Department of Defense.Harry S. Truman Quotes
August 10th, 1948 (August 10 1948)EventCandid Camera makes its television debut after being on radio for a year as Candid Microphone.
August 10th, 1948 (August 10 1948)BirthPatti Austin, American singer
August 10th, 1948 (August 10 1948)DeathKwan-Ichi Asakawa, Japanese historian(born in 1873)
August 10th, 1948 (August 10 1948)DeathAndrew Brown, Scottish soccer coach (born in 1870)
August 10th, 1948 (August 10 1948)DeathMontague Summers, English writer (born in 1880)
August 10th, 1947 (August 10 1947)BirthIan Anderson, Scottish musician (Jethro Tull)
August 10th, 1947 (August 10 1947)BirthAnwar Ibrahim, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia
August 10th, 1945 (August 10 1945)BirthHarriet Miers, White House counsel
August 10th, 1945 (August 10 1945)DeathRobert Goddard, American rocket scientist (born in 1882)
August 10th, 1944 (August 10 1944)EventWorld War II: American forces defeat the last Japanese troops on Guam.
August 10th, 1943 (August 10 1943)BirthRonnie Spector, American singer (Ronettes)
August 10th, 1943 (August 10 1943)BirthLouise Forestier, French Canadian singer, songwriter and actress
August 10th, 1943 (August 10 1943)BirthJimmy Griffin, American guitarist (Bread) (died in 2005)
August 10th, 1943 (August 10 1943)BirthMichael Mantler, American trumpeter and composer
August 10th, 1943 (August 10 1943)BirthPervez Musharraf, is the President of Pakistan, the Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army.
August 10th, 1942 (August 10 1942)BirthBetsey Johnson, American fashion designer
August 10th, 1940 (August 10 1940)BirthBobby Hatfield, American singer (Righteous Brothers) (died in 2003)
August 10th, 1940 (August 10 1940)BirthSid Waddell, Darts Commentator for the PDC
August 10th, 1939 (August 10 1939)BirthKate O Mara, British actress
August 10th, 1937 (August 10 1937)BirthAnatoly Sobchak, Russian politician
August 10th, 1933 (August 10 1933)BirthDoyle Brunson, American poker player
August 10th, 1933 (August 10 1933)BirthRocky Colavito, American baseball player
August 10th, 1933 (August 10 1933)BirthKeith Duckworth, English mechanical engineer (Cosworth; died in 2005)
August 10th, 1932 (August 10 1932)EventA 5.1-kg (11.2-pound) chondrite-type meteorite breaks into at least seven pieces and lands near the town of Archie in Cass County, Missouri.
August 10th, 1932 (August 10 1932)DeathRin Tin Tin, German shepherd dog (born in 1918)
August 10th, 1929 (August 10 1929)DeathPierre Fatou, French mathematician (born in 1878)
August 10th, 1928 (August 10 1928)BirthJimmy Dean, American singer
August 10th, 1928 (August 10 1928)BirthGus Mercurio, American-born Australian actor
August 10th, 1928 (August 10 1928)BirthEddie Fisher, American singer
August 10th, 1928 (August 10 1928)DeathRex Cherryman, American actor (born in 1897)
August 10th, 1927 (August 10 1927)BirthVernon Washington, American actor (died in 1988)
August 10th, 1923 (August 10 1923)BirthRhonda Fleming, American actress
August 10th, 1920 (August 10 1920)EventWorld War I: Ottoman sultan Mehmed VI s representatives sign the Treaty of Sevres which divides up the Ottoman Empire between the Allies.
August 10th, 1920 (August 10 1920)DeathAdam Politzer, Austrian physician (born in 1835)
August 10th, 1919 (August 10 1919)BirthSacha Vierny, French cinematographer (died in 2001)
August 10th, 1915 (August 10 1915)DeathHenry Moseley, English physicist (born in 1887)
August 10th, 1914 (August 10 1914)BirthJeff Corey, American actor (died in 2002)
August 10th, 1914 (August 10 1914)BirthCarlos Menditeguy, Argentine racing driver (died in 1973)
August 10th, 1913 (August 10 1913)EventSecond Balkan War ends: Delegates from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Greece sign the Treaty of Bucharest, ending the war.
August 10th, 1913 (August 10 1913)BirthWolfgang Paul, German physicist, Nobel laureate (died in 1993)
August 10th, 1913 (August 10 1913)BirthNoah Beery, Jr., American actor (died in 1994)
August 10th, 1912 (August 10 1912)BirthJorge Amado, Brazilian novelist (died in 2001)
August 10th, 1911 (August 10 1911)BirthA. N. Sherwin-White, English historian (died in 1993)
August 10th, 1909 (August 10 1909)BirthLeo Fender, American luthier (died in 1991)
August 10th, 1908 (August 10 1908)BirthAdelino ("Billy") Gonsalves, American soccer player (died in 1977)
August 10th, 1905 (August 10 1905)EventRussian and Japanese peace negotiations begin in Portsmouth.
August 10th, 1905 (August 10 1905)BirthEra Bell Thompson, American journalist (died in 1986)
August 10th, 1904 (August 10 1904)EventThe Battle of the Yellow Sea between the Russian and Japanese battleship fleets.
August 10th, 1903 (August 10 1903)BirthWard Moore, American author (died in 1978)
August 10th, 1902 (August 10 1902)BirthNorma Shearer, Canadian actress (died in 1983)
August 10th, 1902 (August 10 1902)BirthCurt Siodmak, German-born author (died in 2000)
August 10th, 1902 (August 10 1902)BirthArne Tiselius, Swedish chemist, Nobel laureate (died in 1971)
August 10th, 1901 (August 10 1901)EventThe U.S. Steel Recognition Strike by the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers begins.
August 10th, 1900 (August 10 1900)BirthArthur Espie Porritt, New Zealand politician and athlete (died in 1994)
August 10th, 1898 (August 10 1898)BirthJack Haley, American actor (died in 1979)
August 10th, 1897 (August 10 1897)BirthJohn Galbreath, American businessman (died in 1988)
August 10th, 1896 (August 10 1896)DeathOtto Lilienthal, German aviation pioneer (born in 1848)
August 10th, 1894 (August 10 1894)BirthVarahagiri Venkata Giri, Fourth President of India (died in 1980)
August 10th, 1890 (August 10 1890)BirthAngus L. MacDonald, Canadian politician (died in 1954)
August 10th, 1889 (August 10 1889)BirthCharles Darrow, Inventor (died in 1967)
August 10th, 1884 (August 10 1884)BirthPanait Istrati, Romanian writer (died in 1935)
August 10th, 1880 (August 10 1880)BirthRobert L. Thornton, American businessman, philanthropist, and Mayor of Dallas, Texas (died in 1964)
August 10th, 1878 (August 10 1878)BirthAlfred Doblin, German writer (died in 1957)
August 10th, 1877 (August 10 1877)BirthFrank Marshall, American chess player (died in 1944)
August 10th, 1875 (August 10 1875)DeathKarl Andree, German geographer (born in 1808)
August 10th, 1874 (August 10 1874)BirthHerbert Clark Hoover, 31st President of the United States (died in 1964)Herbert Hoover Quotes
August 10th, 1874 (August 10 1874)BirthBill Johnson, American musician (died in 1972)
August 10th, 1869 (August 10 1869)BirthLaurence Binyon, British poet (died in 1943)
August 10th, 1865 (August 10 1865)BirthAlexander Glazunov, Russian composer (died in 1936)
August 10th, 1862 (August 10 1862)DeathShusaku Honinbo, Japanese Go player (born in 1829)
August 10th, 1861 (August 10 1861)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of Wilson s CreekThe war enters Missouri when a band of raw Confederate troops defeat Union forces in the southwestern part of the state.
August 10th, 1860 (August 10 1860)BirthVishnu Narayan Bhatkhande, Indian musician (died in 1936)
August 10th, 1856 (August 10 1856)EventIn Last Island, Louisiana, the 1856 Last Island Hurricane kills between 200 and 400 people.
August 10th, 1856 (August 10 1856)BirthWilliam Willett, English inventor of Daylight Saving Time (died in 1915)
August 10th, 1846 (August 10 1846)EventThe Smithsonian Institution is chartered by the U.S. Congress after $500,000 was given for such a purpose by scientist James Smithson.James Smith Quotes
August 10th, 1845 (August 10 1845)BirthAbai Kunanbaev, Kazakh poet (died in 1904)
August 10th, 1839 (August 10 1839)BirthAleksandr Grigorievich Stoletov, Russian physicist (died in 1896)
August 10th, 1839 (August 10 1839)DeathJohn St Aubyn, British fossil collector (born in 1758)
August 10th, 1823 (August 10 1823)BirthHugh Stowell Brown, Manx preacher (d.1886)
August 10th, 1821 (August 10 1821)EventMissouri is admitted as the 24th U.S. state.
August 10th, 1821 (August 10 1821)BirthJay Cooke, American financier (died in 1905)
August 10th, 1814 (August 10 1814)BirthHenri Nestle, Swiss industrialist (died in 1890)
August 10th, 1810 (August 10 1810)BirthCamillo Benso, conte di Cavour, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia
August 10th, 1809 (August 10 1809)EventQuito, now the capital of Ecuador, declares independence from Spain.
August 10th, 1806 (August 10 1806)DeathMichael Haydn, Austrian composer (born in 1737)
August 10th, 1802 (August 10 1802)DeathFranz Aepinus, German scientist (born in 1724)
August 10th, 1792 (August 10 1792)EventFrench Revolution: Storming of the Tuileries Palace. Louis XVI of France is arrested and taken into custody.
August 10th, 1784 (August 10 1784)DeathAllan Ramsay, Scottish painter (born in 1713)
August 10th, 1776 (August 10 1776)EventAmerican Revolutionary War: Word of the United States Declaration of Independence reaches London.
August 10th, 1759 (August 10 1759)DeathKing Ferdinand VI of Spain (born in 1713)
August 10th, 1744 (August 10 1744)BirthAlexandrine-Jeanne d Etiolles (nicknamed "Fanfan"), daughter of the courtesan Madame de Pompadour (died in 1754)
August 10th, 1737 (August 10 1737)BirthAnton Losenko, Russian painter (died in 1773)
August 10th, 1723 (August 10 1723)DeathGuillaume Dubois, French cardinal and statesman (born in 1656)
August 10th, 1680 (August 10 1680)EventPueblo Revolt begins in New Mexico.
August 10th, 1675 (August 10 1675)EventThe foundation stone of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London was laid.
August 10th, 1655 (August 10 1655)DeathAlfonso de la Cueva, marques de Bedmar, Spanish cardinal and diplomat (born in 1572)
August 10th, 1653 (August 10 1653)DeathMaarten Tromp, Dutch admiral (born in 1598)
August 10th, 1645 (August 10 1645)BirthEusebio Kino, Italian Catholic missionary (died in 1711)
August 10th, 1637 (August 10 1637)DeathJohann Gerhard, German Lutheran leader (born in 1582)
August 10th, 1628 (August 10 1628)EventThe Swedish warship Vasa sinks in the Stockholm harbour after only about 20 minutes on her maiden voyage.
August 10th, 1602 (August 10 1602)BirthGilles de Roberval, French mathematician (died in 1675)
August 10th, 1560 (August 10 1560)BirthHieronymus Praetorius, German composer (died in 1629)
August 10th, 1557 (August 10 1557)EventBattle of St. Quentin Spanish victory over the French in the Habsburg-Valois Wars
August 10th, 1535 (August 10 1535)DeathIppolito de Medici, ruler of Florence (poisoned) (born in 1509)
August 10th, 1520 (August 10 1520)BirthMadeleine de Valois, wife of James V of Scotland (died in 1537)
August 10th, 1519 (August 10 1519)EventFerdinand Magellan s five ships set sail from Seville to circumnavigate the globe.
August 10th, 1489 (August 10 1489)BirthJacob Sturm von Sturmeck, German statesman and reformer (died in 1553)
August 10th, 1397 (August 10 1397)BirthAlbert II of Germany, Holy Roman Emperor (died in 1439)
August 10th, 1360 (August 10 1360)BirthFrancesco Zabarella, Italian jurist (died in 1417)
August 10th, 1316 (August 10 1316)EventSecond Battle of Athenry
August 10th, 1296 (August 10 1296)BirthJohn I, Count of Luxemburg (died in 1346)
August 10th, 1267 (August 10 1267)BirthKing James II of Aragon (died in 1327)
August 10th, 0991 (August 10 0991)EventBattle of Maldon: English, led by Bryhtnoth, confront a band of inland-raiding Vikings near Maldon in Essex. The English are defeated and the story is immortalised in a well-known poem.
August 10th, 0955 (August 10 0955)EventBattle of Lechfeld: Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor defeats Magyars, ending 50 years of Magyar invasion of the West.
August 10th, 0612 (August 10 0612)EventKilling of Sinsharishkun, King of Assyrian Empire. Destruction of Nineveh.
August 10th, 0612 (August 10 0612)DeathSinsharishkun, Assyrian king
August 10th, 0610 (August 10 0610)EventIn Islam, the traditional date of the Laylat al-Qadr, when Muhammad began to receive the Qur an.
August 10th, 0258 (August 10 0258)DeathSaint Lawrence, martyr

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